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Date: February 14th 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook

Feb 14 1918

Dear Brother

I recived your letter of the 12. and was glad to here from you, well Tom I had a talk to the head men and they said we left it of to late, see we are going away tomorrow after noon and they coulden’t do any thing, well Tom its to bad you went to so much bather but we left it of to late so I will make the best of it, say Tom I sined $15 dollars over to you every month after I git to England I wish you would put it away for me, Im just aloud $18 a month when I git to England, I think that will kepp me going.

Well, there is not much news, we are having fine weather every thing is all ice around here now,

Say Tom George Pinkerton ows me sixteen or seventeen days work, I wish you would git it from him, what is Earnest doing drawing lumber get well I must close I will rite again when I git to my stoping place.

So good by hopping you all well


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Original Scans