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Date: November 2nd 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Harold Hamilton

CFC. 117th Coy

Dear Glady’s-

I now take the pleasure in answering your ever welcome letter which I recieved a few day’s ago, and was pleased to hear from you.

I also recieved one from you tonight, dated June the 29th it certainly took it a long time to reach me but some of the reserve’s have a very poor mail system. The C.C.D. especially it had any place beat I ever was in. Well Glady’s I am very glad to know you have a school of your own. You have certainly done well. If I am any judge of small matters, I think we will need a little schooling when we get out of the army it sure makes a big change when one is in the army a while. But it is only natural we are not supposed to know any thing in the army. It is nearly three year’s since I signed up and I think I have been very lucky in that time! I dont think they would call it lucky when I was gassed but we call any thing like that lucky out in France any thing is lucky to us that keeps us from going up the line.

Now I must close for this time as it is getting late

I remain as ever

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