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Date: April 30th 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Gilmore Beatty

Somewhere in France

Dear Gladys

Received your ever welcome letter a few days ago so now in my  spare time I am trying to answer it all ough its some job for me to write a letter especialy in the army where there are so few things to write about and things that would interest you we are not allowed to write, I see by your letter that your prepareing for a summer's work in the Evaporator, but say how would you like a good steady fellows to work for you, have held a job down over two years and was never fired and tell the truth they dont seem to want to fire anyone, except Fritz he has fired at a few and gave them there ticket, Well Gladys I have moved since writing you last and are liable to move anytime again so I will give you my address and then if we move will send you the other, of course all our mail is forwarded on but it comes much faster direct to where you are so here it is 237458 Pt. Gilmore Beatty Canadian Machine Gun Corps Reinforcement Depot, Ln. Branch, B.E.F. France. some address dont get it mixed up with some advertisement, Well Gladys we are having lovely weather here at present and there is some difference between Canada and here, also there are some difference between the two people.

Well Gladys its getting late and you know its against my rules to stay up late so will close hopeing to hear from you soon I remain yours


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Original Scans