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Date: January 1st 1919
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook


Dear Neice and all

Well Gladys I just started to rite you a this letter, and I recived a letter from you, your letter was ritting Nov 14 it was a long time coming, some letters comes very quick and others letters takes a long time to come, I’m in a place called Berkum just now, doing gard work keeping the Canadians from going over to visit the Yanks, it is some job we have nothing to do atall, onely set around and talk to the Germens, if I was out here ten years, I dont think I could understand them, but there is some that talks English

You said in your letter that the hunters got a lot of deers this fall, it is to bad they dident have better look at home, you said Earl Bassos was sick with the flue, I hope there are better now I havent meet any of the Sundridge boys yet, or the South River boys neather, I might ride a pass them on the road lots of times and never know it, we dont stop in the same place when we stop, so its pretty hard to meet them, and I dont now what company eny of them are in, but John Dobbs as with me yet. The cycles company is a good bunch of lads

They have the very best in the cycles company, that is the reason I’m in it (ha ha) So Roy Black is back in Canada again, his people will be sure glad to see him, the trip across the water would be hard on him, eny body wants to be well for that trip,

Well I gess there will be some of the boys giting home soon now, there are shipping them back now, I don’t think it will be long till my turn coms, but we are putting in a pretty good time, and the time goes quick

Well Gladys I cont think of much to rite, I sent your dad a little parcil the other day I hope he gits it all right as this letter leaves me well hopping this will find yous all the same, hoping to hear from you soon again.

So good by, for this time

With love to all

Rite soon

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Original Scans