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Date: March 26th 1918
Gladys Hornibrook
Charles Hornibrook

Army P.O. Office Lon. Eng
March 26th 1918

Dear Neice

Well Gladys I though I would drop you a few lines to knight to let yous know that I’m well hopping this will find yous all the same

Well Gladys how is every body around home, you wasen’t feeling very good when I left, I hope you are feeling better now I havent had any word from home cense I came over here, but I had one letter from Sundridge and one from John, and that is all the word I have had yet.

Well I havent meet any of the lads from Sundridge yet, but I heard where Wes Flemens and Ervey Dunbar was they eint very far from here, what is Earnest doing now, are yous making mapel syrup this spring, are did yous git the vaprater sot up.

Well I havent had my leave yet, but I herd we was going to have it in a few days we git a six day leave, I think I will be going to Scotland but I aint sure yet,

Is Mr. Gully teaching school yet, or how is teaching now,

Well Gladys they aint much news to rite. I rote yous three or four letters cence I came to Eng I hope yous git them, well I must close for this time, hopping to git word from yous soon give my love to all and except the same,


Ancer soon and give me all the news

3106794. Pte C. Hornibrook
Army. P.O. Office
London England

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