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Date: July 24th 1917
Gladys Hornibrook
Joseph Hornibrook

July 24th/17

Dear Niece -:

Just a few lines to say I am well at present hoping this will find you the same. It is near three weeks ago since I had a letter from you but I expect there will be a letter from you in the next Canadian mail.

Well Gladys I suppose you are home now on your holidays did yous have an examination this year.

I saw Pete Tarr a couple of weeks ago he was quite well the time I wrote them cards for him he had a sore hand and could not write

I had a letter from Aunt Lucy a few days ago she was quite well when she wrote.

I haven’t saw Harold for a long time now I think I wrote and told you the last time I saw him.

Say does your mothers arm ever bother her the one she had knocked out of place when we were picking berries last summer?

You might tell me who your friend is if you dont I will write and ask someone else, is Mr Duklow going to teach at Sundridge after holidays

Your Father told me in his last letter that Mary and the kiddies were up visiting I suppose Stella will be crawling all over now. Say I wrote and jollied Ernest about Sophia I guess he must of got sore about it for he has not wrote to me since

I also wrote to Charlie and jollied him but he pretended to be innocent and know nothing about it.

Say Gladys sent this terrible looking writing I am getting so I cant write at all any more,

We are having very hot weather here now I am laying in the shade writing and the sweat is pouring of off me,

I think I will close now so with love to all will say good by write soon and often


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