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Date: March 28th 1917
Gladys Hornibrook
Joseph Hornibrook

Mar 28/17

Dear Niece -

With pleasure I now ans your most welcome letter which I received sometime ago should of answered sooner but have been moving around a lot latley and have had no place to write. Got a letter from Tom the other day dated Feby 26th which I will ans at first opperatunity.

The weather is very changeable here now it will snow one day and the next will be warm and bright like summer.

Oh say I got a couple of papers from Mrs. J. Minorgan a few days ago she wrote her address on the corner of one off the papers told me to write but I lost her address and haven’t been able to write she also said a letter and parcel was following but havent got them yet.

I got two parcels the other day one from Muriel and one from the Womens Instute of Sundridge

Say Galdys am sending you a leaf of a callander will you try and get one the same size for 1917 and send it to me.

You wanted to know when I though the war would be over well I dont think it will last much longer but owing to the strict censor on all letters I cant give you any particulars of how things are over here and so other news is scarce will say good bye for now. Love to all,

Joe Hornibrook


Write often and I will ans at ever opperatunity

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Original Scans