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Date: February 19th 1917
Gladys Hornibrook
Joseph Hornibrook

From JE Hornibrook
Feby 19/17

Dear Niece

Your most welcome letter of Jan 21st to hand last night glad to hear you are well and going to school again. The weather has turned very mild here and it is looking much like spring. That was some jake on Tom getting Lillians box at the social I suppose they eat lunch together.

I had a letter from Mattie about a week ago I am going to answer it tonight

Oh say tell your Father I got the money order a few days ago that I spoke of to him in my last letter it was taken out of the letter at the army P.O. and exchanged for a British money order and sent to me in a Registered letter for a Canadian money order is no good in France

I got that parcel from Aunt Lucy that you spoke of and the ones yous sent me and the one from John’s I also got another I dont know who it was from the box was in bad order when it got to the army P.O so they repacked it and I couldent see who it was from I just got a letter from you tonight that you wrote on Nov 21st it has been to nearly ever battalion in France also the papers dated Jan 11th and 3rd many thanks for them I enjoy reading them very much where is Charlie now tell him I got one letter from him

I have not saw Perry Munroe since I joined the Battalion he is in the division and I am in the [censored] it was down at the Canadian Base Depot I met him I think this will be all for now so will say good bye and close

Love to all from

Write soon soon soon and often

Have got rid of that cough I had in Canada and am getting fat I weigh nearly seven pounds more than I ever did in my life before

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