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Date: June 15th 1917
Gladys Hornibrook
Richard Munroe

Some where in France
June 15 1917

Miss G. Hornibrook
Sundridge Ontario

Dear Friend:-

I received your parcel the other day and can not tell you how pleased I was to get it as it is hard to get any decent tobacco over here and socks are a scarce thing also.

We are having very fine weather over here now and I hope it keeps on the same for a while for we were all good and tired of the mud and rain.

I suppose your Father will have a big crop in this year did he put much in on the church place this year or is it all in hay and I guess he will be ready to start to take it off as you get this

I have not seen Joe for a long time now but he was looking fine the last time I did see him

It must be quiet around old Sundridge this year not so much move as there was this time last year.

It was to bad about J.M. wasn’t it what will Gretta do now and bet his mother felt bad about it.

Well news is scarce so I will have to close for this time hoping to hear from you soon again I remain

Your Friend

Original Scans

Original Scans

Munroe, Richard 1917-06-15 Munroe, Richard 1917-06-15 Munroe, Richard 1917-06-15