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Date: October 25th 1914
Essie Douglas
Nelson Campbell

Bustard camp
Oct 25th 1914

Hello Essie :-

Well old sport I am now a away over ome in the auld countrie getting quite english. thats getting a little closer to the Kaiser. Well I have been too busy to write between that and the want of news. I got your letter when I got to plymouth Billie had it you see I didnt come over on the same boat as the battalion I came over on the Montezuma with the transport horses some trip 3 weeks and a couple of days on the boat I was sea sick for over a week a terrible feeling well I dont think much of England so far rains every (bloody day) real English eh old sport. We have two and tree airships flying around over us every day talk about stuff cheap in England the next English man thats tells me that when I get back Ill bust his jaw. well how is Willie you never tell me anything about him and you know I am interested in my cousins but dont get married untill I get back, for I want to see you get tied ha ha  talks cheap takes money to by whisky. Say did you get a parcel from Misses Capt. Campbell I sent you a cushion just a little souvenir of valcartier and I told her I would write and tell you to call for it but I guess she is of the farm now but Ill get her address from the Captain, but I thought maybe she saw some of youse. I am on the transport for the first battalion have got a good sergeant over me, going to spend Christmas in Berlin this winter.

By gee the girls are awful fond of the soldiers try and swipe a fellows badges maple leafs. They talk about the English girls but you Canadain girls have got them beat a thousand ways dont think I am blarney you. in the hotels they have girl bartenders what do you think about that in the hotels fellows singing and swearing its awful none of you Canadain girls would do that. kids running around asking for pennies make a person sick they have the darndest money I cant get on to it. Why when I get back Ill be real English did you say Jessie opened your letter I dont think I had anything in it did I. She quite a wild kid isnt she.

You think I dont weigh 175 why I am 175 ¼ lbs now. this salisbury Plain is a dull plain no towns close and very little booze sold thank Kitchener for that. you that picture of the dry canteen was like the night you and – at Orchard I wish I could just have those times too night I’d pay for all the beer and organes you and – could eat.

Well I like things fine something of a change every day, but the grub is none too good but between what they issue and with what we buy we make out not too bad but oh gee I wish I had some of Essie’s good cakes, How is the dances started yet how is Jack Dicksonn still rushing Ethel I suppose. well my regimental number is 7224 so if we go to the front and you see that number in the missing you’ll no who it is .

they are giving us all passes three days in England and from six to Eight for Ireland I am going to get 3 days I dont know anybody but they all say the girls use a fellow so good I going to take them anyways,

I seen the ruins of an ancient Druid church and the old burying ground of our forefathers. Canada for mine I’ll get back there just as soon as old Bill on his back. I wish I could get some views of the camp to send but they are impossible to get.

say news are hard to think of. well I have been going to wash my clothes all the week the darn cook cant wash them clean enough to suit me I am pretty hard to suit well Essie I think this is all for this time maybe when I come back from my holidays I have som more to write. how is all them roots all up I suppose. Well Goodbye with – and good cheer from


this is my address on this little slip of paper) xxxxxxxx for the heart

Capt wife is in Mt Forest on the upper end of John St.
sel kid

Original Scans

Original Scans

Campbell, William Nelson 1914-10-25 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-10-25 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-10-25 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-10-25 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-10-25 Campbell, William Nelson 1914-10-25