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Date: October 29th 1918

October 29, 1918

Dear Lilian:

Yours came to me in the line last week and this is my first chance to write. I was sorry to hear about Ernest but I suppose he is better off.

A few days ago I was slightly gassed and came down the line. I'm in a field hospital now and am nearly alright again. I'll be back with the battalion in a few days. I've been rather worried that I'd be reported as a casualty and I wrote Dad yesterday. Hope my letter is the first word he gets.

The gas made me a little sick and dizzy for a few days but I didn't get enough to have any lasting effect.

This last trip has been very interesting in some ways. The hun has been hiking for home so fast that at times it was hard for us to keep up. We passed through several villages that were still inhabited. You can bet the people were tickled to death to be released from the germans.

The chap who sent my watch home is John McLean, one of my pals. He is at Bexhill studying for his commission. He is one of the best. I haven't heard of Huntly since he was wounded but I know that he is in England. I don't know anything about Ralph Wilson. He isnt with us now and anyway he isnt a particular friend of mine.

I haven't received any of the magazines yet but by the time I get back to the batt. they should be there. I wish I had one today for its pretty slow lying around doing nothing.

A few days ago I had a long letter from Isabel and I must write her today. She said she had been sick for a long time.

Shall write Aunt Bessie in a few days.



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