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Date: December 1916

[Beginning of letter is missing. Most likely written from France in December of 1916. Transcription provided by collection donor.]

to send me anything, I got it myself. Thing such a warm underwear, and anything else that I may need. We do not draw enough pay over here to buy such things as that. I hope you understand all that lett me know as soon as you can. That picture is very good, Eve should have looked straight at the camera. But it is very nice. And I hope when I come back I shall have the pleasure of meeting Eve’s friend, she is a very nice looking girl. You should see some of the girls in Belgium. My God they and terrible but they work ten times as hard as the men. The French girls are not so bad. We are in a little town just now where there are some very nice ones. The trouble is the language, though I am picking it up pretty fair. When I come back we will be able to have some fine talks, I have been in some of the big Cities of France, places where you have been to. Of course I cannot give you any names. Now the last letter I received from you had the correct address, but this one has not. I see Eve addressed it so she is to blame. I have given you it again so hope you will have it write in future. There is another thing I must ask you. Has Eve ever written to Queenie. You keep saying you never hear from her. I cannot see how you expect Queenie to write you, if you do not write her. And I think it is Eve’s place to write first. Well leave is going pretty good just now, and one of these bright fine days I shall be going again. Of course it is a long way off yet, it is only six months since I had my last. But if they keep on sending the number of men they are sending now it will come in pretty good time. By the time you get this letter I suppose Xmas will have past. I know you would have a good time. Our Xmas here looks pretty dowdy but you never know. Last year we had a great time in our old barn. But we are miles away from that place now. Jimmy Cairns is still with us, his brother was hit a little while ago, but is recovering and having a good time in England. Bert is still in England. He is trying hard to get out here, but of course he must remain where he is put. I have tried hard to find out where Jim Turnbull is, but I can not. He came over with the Northumberland Fus. at the very beginning of the war. He was wounded and sent to England, got better and came out again. Bert or George Douglas do not know where he is now. Well Mother Dear I must close now. I am keeping in the best of health, and have still got my color so I guess I am all right. Give my love to Aunty Madge and Uncle Jack. Hope Dad got my letter and is keeping well, also yourself and Eve.

Best Love and lots of Kisses.
Eddie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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