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Date: 1915
Mother & Father

[No date was given with this letter, but it was most likely written sometime after Ramsey's arrival in England in the spring of 1915 and his departure for France later that fall.]

[To: Capt. Ed. C. Ramsey
C/o Glacier Fish Co.
Hoonah, Alaska

Ed. C. Ramsey
B Coy
Canadian Expeditionary Force,
Cycle Corps

My Dear Mother and Father,

I just received your letter which you posted at Katchy Kan. I am awfully glad Father has got a position and hope that it will turn out good. I suppose you will have my other two letters by the time you get this one, in case you have not I will put my address at the end of this one. I have had a great dissappointement. Jim Cairns and I were going away on our six days leave to-day and this morning they told us we could not go, we could have, but it would have stopped two other men you see they only let two men go at a time, so we let them go as it was really their turn, so it will be about two months before we can go. I am very sorry to hear about Queenie, but she must be better, I had a letter from her just the other day. We are not having such a bad time down here, but lord this is an awfull slow place, there are no amusements or anything else. I have no news at all for you, we are just going through the usual routine day after day and I’d much rather be in Toronto than here, but perhaps it will get a bit more lively as time goes on, we have been here a month now.

I don’t think I can fill this page, as I have nothing to say and I am so dissappointed about not going away, but I will get over it and will write you as soon as I do. I am going with another cyclist to the Pleasure gardens to-night to try and forget my sorrows. I think we are going to move our camp, we are on a sandy plain just now and we are going to move to a grassy spot.

So please let that do for just now, and as soon as I am in better spirits again I will try and write you a nice long letter. Give my love and lots of kisses to Eve, and I hope she will return from Alaska without any frozen off limbs and the same to yourself.

x Eddie x

Pte. Ed. C. Ramsey
“B” Coy. Cycle Corps
2nd C.E.F.
Army Post Office
London, England.

P.S. This is Mary’s answer to my letter. What do you think about it. I thought it was never going to end.

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Original Scans