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Date: January 31st 1919

Jan 31st 1919.

My Own Dear Mother,

Here we are still in Germany, but it is certain we move on the 1st or 2nd of Feb, so it will be something good for my Birthday, the first step for home. We go somewhere near Namur and by all accounts stop there about a month. I was sorry to hear about Dick being wounded, but perhaps it was not very bad. We had a couple of boys killed the very day the armistice was signed in taking Mons. My company was out of the line that day so missed the final glory. But I am not sorry at all. We took Valenciens and on nearly up to Mons then my Company went back for a rest and missed the last five days of the war. I guess it was at Mons Dick was wounded, for his Division relieved us. Yesterday we burried one of the boys who left Vancouver that morning with me. He died of Flu and Phnewmonia. I was a pallbearer being one of the old handy. There are just six left of that bunch you saw. Jim Cairns is one. He and I have done well. Both from Newcastle, and Vancouver, joined up together always been good friends and both pulled through and waiting to get home.

Well I have a couple of pictures, one is of the old orriginal 2nd Div. Cyclists left 27 all told out of 250. The other is of the battalion as it now stands. Mother dear you once asked me if I was ever going be promoted. Up to now I have not been and I guess I will not be. You see, lots of men do not want it I am one. You have to be too good. Never be out after hours and never out without a pass. Both of which are week points of mine. 9-30 pm is two early to be in anyway, and you cannot allways get a pass, generally when you want one very much you cannot get it. Therefor we often go without a pass and get caught Hence one or two hours pack drill. Then again you have to be very nice to Sgt Majors, and I hate Sgt Majors mostly. A private with the bunch for me Mother dear, they are always happy and always having lots of fun.

No more news to day but will write again soon. I am in fine health. Best love to Dad Eve Uncle and Auntie.

And to your dear Self
Your Loving Son

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