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Date: January 3rd 1919

Jan 3rd 1919

My Own Dear Mother,

I received yours and Dad’s letter last night. About those things you asked me to get. I will do my best. If he can send them over I will get him to do so. But I doubt if I could fetch them myself. First of all, you see, we will be coming over full pack. And if you have seen the troops with rifle and pack, you will know there is not room for much more. And then we are I think going to some camp in England for a while from where we will probably get a few days leave. So you see if I got these things it would be taking a big chance for I guess we will be in huts 30 or 40 men in each, and a suit of clothes is a thing some of these men would be mighty glad to have. But anyhow I will go and see him and try to get them sent over, a suit for myself also. I do not know when we go back to England, but in a week or so we start back for France some place near Bolonge, and if we march as the rumour is it will take us six weeks, to get there. We are still in Bonn. I received the box from Mrs. MacKenzie and will write and thank her to night. I have no other news to-night Mother dear, but another letter soon. I think you can safely bet that within four months from now I will be with you. It is quite liable to be less than that. Best love to Dad Eve Uncle and All

Ever your Loving Son

P.S. Tell Mary I am terrible sorry I could not help eat that Xmas pudding but thank her and say I will sure be in on the next.

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Original Scans