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Date: April 7th 1919

South Camp
April 7th 1919

My Own Dearest Mother,

A little letter for you dear Mother to let you know that the rumour is still strong that we sail on the twelfth. But I am not letting myself get too excited yet in case it is cancelled again. But it will not be long anyhow, so just be patient Mother dear and one of these fine days you will get a wire. I will send it to you with three or four days to spare so that you will have lots of time to spare to get to Vancouver. What a day it will be, but we must not get thinking too much yet.

This is Monday a beautiful day, I have spent the last five locked up Mother dear but I get out to-morrow. What do you think of that. I got it because one afternoon I walked out of camp and went to see Queenie. The temptation was too much and I stayed there five days. Of course I went to see Gran and everybody else. It is only sixty miles from here, and we signed all our papers, had a Medical examination and are now doing nothing. Of course I knew they would do this if I stayed away, but it sure was worth it. I had a letter from Queenie yesterday, she is going down to Hull to take her Auntie home. They are very much afraid she will not get her sight back. It is an awful pity but there is still hopes. Queenie will be stopping at home now to look after her. I am so sorry about it, Auntie Cissy was such a person to run around and get down town to see the shops. Auntie Polly had a slight dose of the flu, but is quite better again now, Mr. Hall is better, and Bert also. The Dawsons are all very well and seem to be quite settled and comfortable. I heard no more of the Youngs. You remember Mrs. Smith Edna’s mother, she died while I was there she had been sick for a long time. Mr. Morton over the road is making piles of money buying and selling houses. Madge is engaged to a boy and Vera Dawson is also, Edna Smith too. Teddy Hilton is engaged to one of the Kurr girls.

That is about all the news I have. Lots of the Whitley boys I used to know have been killed. Mr Pocock the Bank Manager got into some kind of trouble in the Bank. Gran is in splendid health, and uses her muff and heater all the time, she is going back to Auntie Polly’s in about a week. Well I guess I will close up now dear Mother, and let us hope this is the last letter but one. I will write you again if we leave on Saturday, as I guess the mail will go quicker than we will.

Give my best to Dad Eve Auntie and Uncle.
And to Your Dear Self
Your Loving Son

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