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Date: June 8th 1918

June 8th 1918.

My Own Dear Mother,

I was so pleased to receive a nice long letter from you last night. It is Saturday to day and a lovely day. We are back on a rest, in fact we have been for some time now. And we have had splendid weather all the time. I have seen Ch. very often which of course is very nice. I am so pleased you are sending her something it certainly will please her very much and she will write to you. She has been wanting to write you for a long time but she does not know what to say, and she said that you would think it very funny her writing to you though I told her you would like a letter very much. But as soon as she has time she will try

You know Mother dear she and her sister work very hard. They have a farm, and as you know men are very scarse now. But she is not like most of these Old Country farm girls you see. She is very neat, and can certainly dress herself. Well Mother dear, tell Dad not to hate takeing my money for anything you want. For I am sure, I owe it all to you. And if a grille is going to give you any comfort, why it will please me very much if you get one. And any other little thing you want why go ahead. I have not very much news for you. I still have my leave to look forward to, and I am sure it will not be any later than the beginning of Sept. I told Charlotte that Eve wanted to write to her but that she had so very little time, but she does not seem to understand that anybody can have so much work to do that they can never find time to write. And I know that Eve will worry at not being able to write but as soon as your little present arrives, it will please her exceedingly. And she will write to you right away. Well Mother dear I will close now. I am still in splendid health. Give my best love to everybody. Hope Dad and Eve are in the best of health.

Very best love to Yourself
Ever Your Loving Son

[postscript added to top corner of first page:]
P.S. Ch. received your letter yesterday and expects the parcel in a day or two.

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