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Date: July 4th 1917

[To: Mrs. E.K. Ramsey
Suite C. Kellogg Apts.
North 5th St.
Tacoma Wash.

July 4th 1917

My Own Dear Mother,

Please thank Eve for her nice letter which I received yesterday. I will not write to her this time as it is such a long time since I wrote you. I got a nice parcel from Auntie Polly and she is sending another soon. I wrote to her last night. I received it while in the trenches and believe me it came in fine. We had a very glum Xmas day, no holiday for us. But we are back again in own dear little French town, and to-morrow we are going to have a big feast to make up for Xmas. There will be no wine or whiskey because there is none to be got. It is a pitty of course for those who want it, but it does not worry me at all as I do not want it. I take a very small glas of wine sometimes but that is all. When we are in the trenches we get an issue of rum every night, some nights I take it, as it is good after sticking round in the mud and wet. Though as yet the mud and wet and not succeeded in making me sick yet. I still have my red face, which I must have inherited from Father for good. But some poor men are pale and have coughs all the time. I am quite happy, and though I am longing to be back with you, you need not worry about me. I got quite a bunch of very pretty cards this Xmas, and a nice parcel from a very nice girl I met in London. I think I told you about her once before. Capt Humphrey is away on his third leave now lucky man, his wife has come over to England.

Well Mother dear that is about all I can think of just now. So good by for the present.

Ever Your loving Son

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