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Date: May 23rd 1917

[To: Mrs. E.K. Ramsey
Glory of the Seas

May 23rd, 1917

My Own Dear Mother,

You will think that I am not writing you very much just now. Some how I have not been able to settle down to write, perhaps it is because the weather is so hot. The mail seems to be coming is very bad just now, I received a letter from you the day before yesterday and that is the only one in three weeks. I have never got that parcel from Mustarts yet. It is over a month ago since I sent my address. So I will write and ask them about it because it certainly should be here by now. Well I hope you are having weather like us just now. It is very fine and hot. Well I have no news for you, and I do not think I can fill this letter. But I am in the very best of health. I hope you are all the same. Bert is still over here, and I owe him two letters, which I do not think I can write to night I have just got a nice mosquito bite on my fore head and it is getting bigger all the time, it is the first I have had for a very long time. Well will you let me close now and I will get it mailed right away.

Give my love to everybody. Hope Eve and Dad and well.

Best love to all
Your Loving Son

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