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Date: October 4th 1917

Oct. 4th 1917.

My Dear Eve,

I received a letter from you, and one from Mother yesterday. So seeing that your Birthday is so near, I am answering yours first. Now Eve dear I hope you will do what I asked you to. Write to that girl. She is very nice and it would please her very much, she asked me to ask you if you would, just a short letter in French. In case you never got my last letter I will send you her address again. Mlle. Charlotte Molon, Cher Ses Parents, A. Divion Pas de Calai France. If you do not write she will feel very much hurt. Well I have had my picture taken at last on my horse. It was a very strong sun, and I could not keep my eyes open. Well in another seven or eight months I might be coming to see you. I suppose you have seen something in the papers about men who have been in France for a thousand days getting leave to Canada. It is only just a rumour but it may be correct. It certainly would be fine if it does come off. Well I think the good weather has gone. It is raining very hard just now, and it does not look like stopping. This is just a short letter Eve but it is better than nothing, and to hope you had a very happy birthday. I will write to Mother in a few days. So good bye for just now. Best love to Dad Mother and yourself.

Ever Your Affectionate
Brother Eddie

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