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Date: April 23rd 1917

[To: Mrs. E.K. Ramsey
C/o Mr. J.R. Arkley
602 North E. St.
Tacoma, Wash,

April 23rd 1917.

My Own Dear Mother,

Here is a letter for you at last. Some how I have not been able to write at all this last two weeks. I do not feel in the mood to-night, but I must get one or two letters off, as I owe quite a few. Mary Young wrote me a letter quite a while ago, then asking me to write soon with some very thick lines under the soon, so I must write to-night as that is over two weeks ago. You must also excuse the paper, as it is all I have just now. I was pleased to get a letter from you yesterday. It is quite a while since I had one. Some of your letters must get lost with some of the boats which get sunk. You said Eve wrote me a week befor you, well I never got that one. Well we are now having a spell of very fine warm weather and I hope it keep up for it makes everything so much better. I am back again in my comfortable little room in the Priests house. Last night I heated some water and had a good bath, and put on a clean shirt and sat beside the fire, you remember how I used to enjoy coming downstairs and sitting by the fire after a bath in Eastbourne [?]. It just reminded me of those times, as I sat eating some bully beef and a biscuit. I got a letter from Miss Mustart, asking for my number, as she had received the money, and did not want to take any chances this time. So I guess the parcel will come to-morrow or the next day, and I am certainly looking forward to it. I will write Uncle Jack when it come. Well Mother dear that is all I have to say so please let me close, and I will write you again soon. I am in the best of health and hope you are all the same.

Best Love to Eve Dad and Yourself

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