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Date: January 5th 1917

Jan. 5th, 1917.

My Own Dear Mother,

I have just received a letter from Eve with a calender and a letter from you. I was very pleased as it is quite a long time since I had one. Dear Mother I am perhaps going to surprise you. I have just come down from the line, and to night went up to see Charlotte. Now I have not said anything to her yet, but Mother dear I do like her very much. It may be nothing, but she seems more to me than any girl I have come across yet. If you knew her you would like her. She is not beautiful as you generally here about a girl being. But that is not what I look for. She is just the kind of girl that appeals to me. She is quiet and you know that that is what suites me. But I will not run into a list of points about her. Some other day I might. I have not said anything to you before, but it seems the more I see her, the more I want to see her. And to-night I feel I must tell you about it. Ask Eve to keep on writing to her. Well we have had a lot of snow this last week and it is pretty cold. It seems to be the same everywhere.

I have absolutly no news for you, and I am pretty tired so will you excuse a short letter, and I will write again very soon. I hope Dad and Eve are well. Give my love to everybody.

Best love to yourself.
Ever Your loving Son.

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