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Date: July 2nd 1916

[To: Capt. E.C. Ramsey
Glory of the Seas
Alaska USA]

Canadian Corps Cycle Battn.
July 2nd 1916

My Dear Father,

I was very pleased to get your letter this morning, more so as it is such a time since I had any mail at all, the mail has been held up some place, but I suppose it will all turn up before long. I am very pleased to hear that you are all keeping so well, and that Eve is eating such a lot. When I went on leave, I could not eat a good meal for the first day or two, with being used to bully beaf and other fancy tin stuff that we get, but it is not doing me any harm, Mrs. Hall or anyone up there will tell you that. I can just imagine you all sitting down to a game of cards, and am longing for the time when I make a fourth, like we used to on a Sunday night, you and Mother with a bottle of stout and Eve and I with a meat sandwich, and by gosh I do not think that time will be long.

You mentioned in your letter about just hearing about the naval battle, I suppose by now you know it was a great victory for us I was on leave at the time, and it was the same week that Lord K was drowned, and the same week that the Canadians had a big fight up here, it all happened when I was on leave. And it was also the same week that the Russians started there big drive. And by the time you get this letter you will have heard what the British are doing. Things certainly are looking very bright and we are all hoping it will end very soon. You told me in your letter about Eve dancing to the Victrola, I never knew you had one, Mother never told me, I hope you will still have it when I come back.


Well that is all I have time for if I want to catch the mail, so give Mother and Eve a good kiss for me.

Your Loving Son

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