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Date: September 7th 1916

Sept 7th 1916

My Own Dear Mother,

In my last letter I told you I could not write for another week or so. We were on a long trip which is now finished. I was so pleased to get a letter from you yesterday. It is such a long time since the last one. You said in your letter that there were a couple of lines washed out of my letter. I cannot remember what I could have said, I am generally so very carefull not to mention any names. Well I am glad to know you are all keeping in good health. I think you are right about the mail, there seem to be quite a few letters I don’t get, and the same with you. Because often I have asked you certain questions which you never mention anything about. It certainly does take your letters a long time to come, the one I got yesterday was dated July 27th and here I get it on Sept 6th. I suppose mine a just the same. Eve seems to be very busy she does not write to me much. I suppose she is having such a good time up there she never thinks about me. Oh well, I suppose she is young and flighty yet. Tell her I have still got the pen but I have lost the chain. I was very sorry about that, more so because I had attached to the end of it a small religious silver thing. Eve will know what it is, I got it from a Belgique M’selle, with whom I got on very well, we are a long way off from where she lives now, but I write and she writes, and some day I hope to see her again. She has two sisters in Chicago, and she expects to go there herself pretty soon. I lost the chain in a barn where we slept one night, it got mixed up in the straw, and though I looked I could not find it. I still got the two little books, and they and the pen were two of the most useful things I have had sent to me. It will soon be my birthday again, and I will be twenty however, I do not expect to spend that one with you, but I certainly do expect to be with you on my 21st. That is about all I can manage to-day so let me close now and I will write again soon. Hope Dad is keeping well also yourself.

Ever Your Loving Son

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