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Date: September 1st 1916

Sept 1st 1916.

My Own Dear Mother,

You will be wondering what has happened with me not writing for such a long time. Well we have been moving around such a lot that we have not been able to settle down to write. And I must write this one in a hurry, because we are still on the move, and if this does not catch the mail to-night it will be a week before I can post another letter. Well darlint I hope you are keeping well, it is a long time since I heard from you. I suppose you have not had much time, with moving down to Tacoma. I hear from Gran pretty often, and she is going on fine. I am also going on fine. I have had no sickness yet and do not feel like getting one. Up to the last few days, we have had splendid weather, the last few days there has been a lot of rain, but we cannot kick a that. You must let me close now, and when we get to our destination I will write you a nice long letter. Hope Eve and Dad are keeping well.

Lots of love from your Son

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