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Date: February 20th 1916

[To: Mrs. E.K. Ramsey
2703 North 23rd,
Tacoma, Wash.]

Feb. 20th 1916

My Dear Mother,

I wrote you a long letter last week, so you must excuse a short one to-night as I have not much time and not much to say. I am sending you one of my pictures which I had taken. To-day is Sunday, and it has been an exciting day. The first thing we heard this morning was bang, bang, bang, and we jumped up and here was a bunch of German planes sailing along and dropping bombs on a little villiage where our headquarters are, or at least trying to hit the villiage, but they could not you see they have to keep so high up out of range of our anti-aircraft guns the it is hard to drop bombs on any particular spot. From the villiage they past directly over our heads, and then a bunch of ours came and drove them away. To or three times during the day, they came over again but they don’t get far over our lines. It was a great day for them to-day too, the sun has been shining all day, and not a breath of wind, just like a midsummer day just a little cold. So to-night we are going to have some oxo, and a couple of pork pies which Terry had sent from England. Well that is about all I have to say to-night, and I think I told you I had a nice letter from Madge which I answered. I expect to get over there on leave in April, if they send the same number of men per week but there is a rumour the the number of men going every week will be doubled so if that is the case I will get in about six weeks time. We drew lots for the leave and the men whos people or wives are in England go first. Then I drew the first number of those whos people are not in England. I was very lucky. Well I will write you again soon. Give my love to Eve and Father and also to yourself with lots of kisses, ever your loving Son


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Original Scans