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Date: November 30th 1915

[To: Mrs. E.K. Ramsey
2703 Yakima Ave. North,
Tacoma, Wash.]

Div Cycle Corps.
2nd Canadian Ex Force
Army Post Office

Nov. 30th 1915

My Dear Mother

I am beginning to think that you have quit writing to me altogether, it must be three weeks now since I had a letter from you, perhaps they are going astray so in future you had better address as above, 2nd Canadian Ex. Force instead of C.E.F. because I think some of our letters go to English units instead of Canadian. Well we are getting through the winter slowly, it is the end of November now, so it will soon be Christmas. We have been issued with goat skin coats and they keep us fine and warm. And I can tell you we need them, because it gets very cold here some days, but we can stand it alright. Tell Eve that Elsie Taylor is going to write her. She asked me for your address and I sent it. Queenie said they got a letter from you, but I suppose they have answered it by now. I have not much to say to-night, so you must excuse this being a short letter. But I am still enjoying myself and hope to be back with you before very long. Everybody over in England is keeping well. I get letters from Gran every now and then. I wrote to Margaret, but have not had any answer, I suppose she will be better by now so perhaps I will get an answer soon or they may not have got my letter because I did not know the number of the house. You will have a fine Christmas up there, I wish I could be with you. But it will be alright – our cook has bought two turkeys and is fattening them up for our dinner. So when you are having your dinner in style you can think of us sitting in a hors stable and pig pen chewing a leg of a turkey in our fingers and enjoying it more perhaps than sitting at a table with a knife and fork. We had a great time yesterday, one of the boys has had a revolver sent to him, so he and I went into a wood to try it, and stuck a piece of paper on a tree. We had only had a few shots at it when we saw two french policemen coming, and we went through that wood like something struck, but they did not catch us, if they had they could not have done anything, but we did not know that then, and took no chances. We thought they would lock us up or something, but they only happened to be passing through the wood and when they saw us run they thought something was wrong and were after us like a shot. Well I think that is about all I have to say, I hope you are keeping well, give my love to Aunty Uncle Eve & Father, and also to yourself.

Ever your effectionate Son

P.S. Will you send me that photo I had taken in South Shield just before we left for Canada. The small one.

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