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Date: November 8th 1915

[To: Mrs. E.K. Ramsey,
2703 Yakima Ave. N.]

Nov. 8th 1915.

My Dear Mother,

I have just received your two letters and was very pleased to get them. In future if I were you, I should close the envelope. You forgot to close the on with the picture of yourself and Mrs. West in overalls in. It is such a bad picture, Mrs. West looks very like Mrs. Hall. I am glad you got my picture, you said you wished I was smiling, well somehow I can’t when I am being taken. But if I looked solomn I did not feel that way, because I was having a real good time and am looking forward to getting up there again before very long. I got a letter from Evelyn two days ago, but have not had time to answer it yet so ask her to let this do for you both as I have to write to Bert, Queenie, and two or three more. Are you getting my assigned money every month, if you are not, let me know exactly what is due and I will see about it, with you changing addresses so much I was wondering if you were getting it regular. I wish I could have made you both a bit more substancial present but I want to have a little money to come back to. And then when I do come back I will be able to take Eve round a bit. I have no news for you, so you will have to let me off with a short letter. It will soon be Christmas now, and some of the Batman are getting some puddings sent, and we are goin to chip in and buy a goose. And perhaps next Christmas I will be back with you. If we cannot get a goose, we will get a hen. I have written to Mrs Young two or three times, but she has not answered so weather she got them or not I don’t know, but I will try another letter because she was very kind. There was a rumour here that Lord K. had resigned but it was a mistake he has not, perhaps you heard about it. Well that is about all I have to say. So give my love to Aunty & Uncle. Also to Father, Eve and yourself.

Ever Your Effectionate Son

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