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Date: September 8th 1915
Eve (Eddie's sister)

Ed. C. Ramsey
“B” Coy
Div. Cycle Corps
2nd C.E.F.
Army Post Office
Sept. 8th 1915.

Dear Eve,

As I have a few minutes to spare this morning and as you wrote a letter I will let you have a few lines. We have not moved yet but are all ready, waiting for the word from headquarters. We have no idea where we will go to, but expect it will be France, anyway I will let you know when we get there. I expect by the time you get this letter Queenie will have sent you my picture it is not a very good one I dont think myself.  I was not looking my best I did not know it was going to be taken otherwise I would have dolled up a bit. I hope you got my last letter in case you did not I will tell you again what I want you and Mother to do for your Birthdays. I want you both to take a $10 bill each out of my money to do just as you like with. There was a naval battle out here some place yesterday we heard the guns quite plain. The weather is better here now we are having lots of sun, in fact it is a little too hot. Jim Cairns has broken a rib so I am looking after both Lt. [Fatt?] and the Capt. or Skipper as we call him, but I think he will be better in a day or two before we move. I have got a very nice little girl to see to-night. I wonder have you got a boy. This girl lives at Brighton but is staying down here with her married sister. Our Colonel is going back to Canada or he may go on the Headquarter staff, so the Major will take his place, and I will be Major Humphrey’s Orderly what, what. Well that is about all I have to say this time. Give my fondest love to Mother & Father and to yourself.

Ever your effectionate Brother

P.S. Four of us went in a boat fishing on Sunday, two of them were sick and we caught nothing.

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Original Scans