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Date: August 22nd 1915

Ed. C. Ramsey
“B” Coy
Div Cycle Corps
2nd. C.E.F.
Army Post Office
22’’8 ’’15.

 My Dear Mother,

I got back again yesterday from my six days leave. I had one real good time up there and could hardly bring myself to to back. I arrived in Newcastle on the Saturday morning at six o-clock and went straight to granny’s. I went to Whitley in the afternoon and George Douglas, Bert and myself went in the Kursal it was a great show and we enjoyed it fine. On Sunday I went down again and had tea at Halls and on Saturday I had it at Georges. On Monday I went to Mrs Youngs and she asked me to go back on Thursday and get a cake. On Tuesday I went to Queenies and stopped all night. I think you are mistaken about her. She is awfully pretty and I took a great fancy to her. So much so that I went back on Thursday and stayed all night. On the Tuesday night Queenie, Aunty Cissy and I went back to the Empire, and I took Queenie to work in the morning she is a cashier in a big Café a nice place it is. Then I caught the train to South Shields and had tea with Granny. On Wednesday I went to Whitley again and we had a picnic on the sands there were nine ladies, Bert another man and myself. Then at night Bert, George, and myself went to the Newcastle Empire and I went back and slept at Grannys. On Thursday morning I went to Mrs. Youngs and she gave me two nice cakes. Then I went to Queenies again, and we went to see the Kiss Cure at the Kings, it was a very good play. I slept there and next morning they both saw me off by the ten to eleven train. I had a nice stick with a silver top which I gave to Queenie. She bought me a big tin of cigarettes which will last me about three months, I smoke very little. They also got me some books and wanted to get some fruit but I would not let them because Granny got me a cake and fruit. But they were very kind and gave me as good a time as anybody and told me to try and get back. I have a photo of Queenie, a big one it is very like her. I had mine taken in Sunderland and Aunty Cissy will send you one, Granny one, keep one and one to me. To-morrow, Monday, we are going away till Friday on maneauvers then they say we are all going to get six days leave again after which there will be no more. So if a little time passes without you getting a letter do not worry because it is work now from morning till night, but I will write every chance I get. I left Granny in the best of health, one morning she was washing the dishes, another she was folding and pressing the clothes as Mary washed. Mrs Young is making me some socks, all the girls are away. She said it was a pitty Father is not here. Men are getting £30. for taking a ship to Dover from the Tyne, just what he used to do and they are getting two and three ships one after the other, she said he could have retired in a year. And there are all kinds of offices open for girls where the men have joined the army. Well this is not a bad letter is it, and I want to get to bed soon we have to get up early in the morning. I am looking forward to seeing them all again up north especially Queenie. I have gone quite struck on her you know. She is not a girl who goes walking about the streets, she always goes out with her Mother, at the same time she has lots of fun in her. Well I must close here. Hope you are keeping good, is Eve in love yet. Queenie says she owes Eve a letter, she got some hankerchieves from her, and she has put it off so long she is ashamed to write. But I told her Eve would’nt mind, as long as she wrote sometime. She has very little time. Some mornings she goes to work at eleven and finishes at ten at night, then other mornings she goes at eight and works till seven a night so she has not much time to herself. So give my best love to Eve, Father and to yourself with lots of kisses.


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Original Scans