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Date: June 8th 1915

“B” Company
Battalion Cycle Corps,
June 8th 1915

My Dear Mother,

It is about time I wrote you another letter I think. We have been here over a week now, and am quite settled down. I am looking forward to going to Whitley Bay this week, I think I will be able to go this week. I received your letter yesterday saying you were going up to Alaska, it was forwarded from Toronto. This is not a very exciting place, although two nights ago there was an air raid, no bombs were dropped on our camp, and there was very little fuss, I slepped through it and new nothing untill next morning. These air raids are thought very little of now. I have really no news for you, they stick us in such uneventful places. I sent a letter to Queenie and got an answer, they have a new adress now I will give it you at the end of this letter. I am also waiting for an answer from Granny. The heat here is just boiling, it is hotter than ever I experienced before, even when you are standing still the sweat rolles down in rivers. We go for a swim nearly every day now in the Channel we went this morning and had a great swim. We get up at five in the morning and get lots of work, but it is really very goodb I was never in better health in my life and have grown nearly two and a half inches since I left Vancouver and I weigh 143 pounds. They do not feed us very well, that is the only trouble, but I think it does us more good than harm and we can always go to Folkstone and get a good square meal now and again. There was a big riot in Folkstone the other night, one of the 29th Battn. went up to a girl he knew, an English military police thought he did not know her and arrested him, and as the place is full of Canadian Soldiers there was soon a big shout, and they started to try and get into the house where the man was taken.

Then the firemen came and were going to turn the hose on the Canadians, I was down there with another Cyclist and we had to join in with the rest, and we got hold of the fire hose and began to pull it away. The firemen of course pulled against us and also some civilians, this made the Canadians mad and they began to hit out then someone cut the hose and a great cheer went up, and there would have been real trouble he they had not let the man out, which they did.

The firemen shook hands with the Canadians and said he quite went with them, the man should not have been arrested by an English M.P. and also most of the civilians went with us. Well that is about all I have just now. Will you fix up with Mr. Shaw for me, you should have my second assignment by now. That makes $30 So give my love to everybody and to yourself. With lots of kisses.


my add is
“B” Coy, Cycle Corps
2nd C.E.F.

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