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Date: August 26th 1918
Jennie Dennis (Murray's mother)

[Note: This letter was written prior to Mrs. Dennis learning that her son Murray had been killed on Aug. 9th]

Aug 26/18

My Dear Margaret,

I am almost ashamed to write I have been so slow in answering your letters I think I received several also the paper with the flower.

I am fairly well but I live in an attitude of expectancy ever since the Canadians have taken an active part, and it is a certain strain. Sometimes I feel ashamed I have gotten so indolent with my work and again I rouse up and do pretty good there is so much to do and the time just slips by no waiting for anybody.

Yesterday was so very hot I could do nothing but lay around we had rain last night and it is much cooler today so I must get busy. The last letter I had from Murray was written July 26, one written July 24 just before going in action and the other after, got both by same mail and read the last first. I hope he is still safe. There are so many Western casualties.

We are leaving Outlook Sept 7 but I must go to Weyburn the for a week before we start East. I am afraid I cannot bring Margaret this trip, I do not feel equal to it even if they let her come.

I think likely Ester will come with us D'Arcy wants her to come, the change would do her good, and she would see Ontario, which is quite different from the prairie. They are building a barn but I think it will be finished by the time we go.

We are invited out this evening, as Lucy says. We dont want to go, but we will go.

The people are very kind to us, and we are having many invitations but I just hate starting out but usually enjoy it while I am there.

We had two delightful picnics at the river. I like that better it is not so formal, one picnic there was 38 ladies, two ladies joined us in entertaining. It was lovely down by the river. We had some snaps taken, if they were good I will bring some but I cannot get a snap of myself fit to send for Esther took some of me when I was down there and sent Murray one, the best but I didn't like the ones she sent me.

We intend going down by the Lakes to Sarnia across to Detroit then C.P.R. to Toronto and will stay off several days at Embro from Toronto to Niagra Falls and then back by Stratford and up to Harriston

We intent going to Toronto and Niagra falls first, so Ester and Dorothy can see the Falls before the weather gets bad, so all being well we expect to be in Stratford by Oct 1st which will not be very long now.

I cannot say how long we will be East but likely till after New Years, but Esther will not stay as long. I must close the girls are coming. Write soon. Hope you had a pleasant holiday.

With love
J. Dennis 

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