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Date: July 6th 1917

Uplyme, Devon, England,
July 6th, 1917

Dear Brother;

Just a few lines to let you know I am getting along fine. I am leaving hospital one week from today and going on sick leave. I don’t know how long they will give me but I will be at our depot for a while before I go back, God only knows what regiment I will get back to. They can send me to any Battalion now after coming out of hospital. I am going to try to get out of the infantry, as I can’t do any more marching. The doctor told me I would always have a bad knee.

Well, this is a lovely place here but is awful lonesome here for me. I could stay another month if I wanted to. We get plenty of good grub and we have to be in bed at 8 o’clock. The girls are very scarce around here. I will have to get out. I am going to London from here for a few days and then to Manchester.

Well, I don’t know when this war is going to be over. I am damn well fed up with it, but I suppose I will have to go back again soon to France and, believe me, I have seen enough of France. There are too many iron foundries flying through the air to suit me.

Well, I have no news so will have to come to a close for this time. Give my love and best regards to Flo, Sam and kids, Mary and Teddy and all. Don’t write until I can give you an address, so I can get your letters.

Goodby with love and best wishes, from your brother,