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Date: July 18th 1915

Sun. July 18th [1915]

My Own Dear Mother

I received your very welcome letter a few days ago. You have had quite a stay in Nelson. It is a very nice town to live in, in the summer.

I wonder weather you are attending service to-day? I attended a celebration of the Holy Communion, held here this morning. There were only about fifteen of us present. The Chaplain was a stranger to me. This is the first chance I have had of taking the Sacrament since that last Sun. that I spent in Nelson.

Last Sun. and the week before, our new Chaplain was with us, but not to-day, for some reason. You may have heard of him. He is the Rev. Dr. Pringle, that old Scotch missionary of Yukon fame.

This is a perfect day. Just like a day in May, back home. Not too hot you know. We have been having a lot of rain the last week, and I am surely glad that we have not been in the trenches. You can not imagine what they are like in wet weather, though they are being improved all the time. We were moved into vacant huts the other day, but may not occupy them for long.

You say that you hived two swarms of bees. Have the others swarmed yet? Have you been able to get them fixed up right?

Oh yes, I knew a young fellow, Berry, well. I knew that he came from the Nelson district. He was with the signallers in the 23rd, so I do not know what Battalion he is in now.

I think that we are in for a very quiet time of it now. Had a letter from Doris Radcliffe some days ago. Auntie Nellie has taken a house up above the town, for the hot weather.

Has Cousin Bee left for home yet, and did May accompany her? If so, how much you will miss her. Have you still Mr. Duff staying on the ranch? Are there good prospects for a crop of the larger fruits this year? Was it too wet for the small fruits? I suppose Appletons are still in Glazer's place. Have you any prospects of new neighbor's? How are financial matters looking now? Does Mr. A. do anything with his mill?

I will close now. Best love to all.

Your Affect. Son
Arthur Killough

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