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Date: December 27th 1914

Dec. 27th 1914

My very dearest Arthur

As Annie has left a good deal of empty space in her letter I am going to write a little and utilize it. I hope my dear boy that you had a very pleasant Christmas we missed you very much indeed. We only hung the stockings up for the six youngest this year. Annie played Santa while May, Auntie and I wrote names on articles and hung them on the tree. As usual our Xmas turned out much better than we expected and the children are very happy with their various new toys.

Uncle Harry & Auntie Maud sent us a nice little box of Xmas gifts. Mine was a lovely fancy work bag. I think Auntie had made it herself. Uncle Fred & Aunt Lizzie sent me a piece of white silk, a very good silk I think, enough for a new waist. Some time ago Harry had 50¢ given him so the little boys sent it away and got me a very nice cushion cover. May stuffed it and there it was standing in Dad's big chair by the Xmas tree in the morning. It was a lovely surprise for me. Then Auntie gave me a new white damask tablecloth and May a very pretty little picture in a frame. Annie a collar she had embroidered herself and Gwen & Myrtle a thimble in a case and a frame like that of Mrs. Pennock's to hold the picture of you four, excuse mistakes [ink blots] "Remember it's the pen that's bad, don't lay the blame on me."[1]

So you see Santa was vey good to me. I hope you got our parcel safely. May was going to send home made candy but Marjorie told us she was sending some so we got the other things instead. Thanks so much for the pretty cards the children thought so much of them. Myrtle's especially was very sweet. I should like to pull a cracker or two with you.

Jack Cleeton's father came to spend Xmas with the Appletons. He says he remembers you very well you went to his house one night I think. He thinks May very much like you. He brought his violin over last night and as May was out Auntie did her best to play the piano with him and quite excelled herself doing wonderfully but he broke a string otherwise we should have had some lovely music this morning as he came across and May played and everybody sang and he did what he could on the other three strings and as it was very good I am sure it would have been fine on the four.

The weather is quite mild now, like it used to be last year only a lot of frost last night and 4° the night before. Now dearie I will close for this time by wishing you a very Happy New Year.

"At Thy feet oh Lord we Lay,
Thine own gift of this new day,
Doubt of what it holds in store
Makes us crave thine aid the more
Lest it prove a time of loss
Mark it Saviour with thy cross.

We all join in love and best wishes and Daddy says take care of yourself when you come [out?] of the hospital and he wishes you a Happy and successful New Year. God bless you darling.

Ever your loving mother
Lillian E. Killough

[1] From the song "It's a Long Way to Tipperary"

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