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Date: December 21st 1914

Merryfield Ranch
Castlegar B.C.
Dec 21st 1914

My very dear son,

Your letters have all come safely to hand and we are so glad to see you in such good spirits and know you are getting along so well. Don't you ever get tired of writing? We certainly don't tire of reading your letters. You should see how eagerly the family crowds round to hear the news from Arthur. I hope you will continue to get strong and I feel very grateful indeed for all the kindness shown to my son.

You must be sorry to change nurses so often it is so much nicer to be with those you have grown accustomed to. The weather here is keeping surprisingly cold and the children are enjoying the opportunity of coasting. They have to go down to the big hill on the way to Castlegar before they can have any real fun and there it is splendid, only a long walk up again.

I went with the children to the school concert. It was very good. Every item was rendered so well and there was no outside talent at all.

Gwen and August Lumwell had a dialogue between them. Gwen was a Lady and August her inquisitive little boy. Annie & George Pratt were an elderly couple going a railway journey. Myrtle and Pearl Pratt sang "I don't want to play in your yard." Harry & Joe's song Tipperary was splendid. Joe sang the verse and he never made one mistake every word was most distinct and we felt quite proud of the little fellow. Annie recited "The firemans wedding" Gwen a patriotic piece "We are coming" Joe "The ship on fire" Myrtle a long piece "Papa's letter" and Harry, his first attempt, a little piece called "Harry's Arithmetic". After the concert some of the people stayed and we had music and a little dancing for the children. Altogether it was a most enjoyable evening. Auntie and Dad stayed at home and took care of Baby. That young lady was sitting on my knee yesterday and somebody started to talk about fish so she looked about and said as plainly as possible only not in actual words "Artie used to catch fish but he's gone to Quebec now." When she mentioned you catching fish she smiled so gaily but when she spoke about you being away in Quebec her little brow clouded and she looked as though she would cry.

We made our Xmas cake yesterday and to-day Joe and Daddy got the "tree". How we miss you dear at this time we are thinking of you always. I had a letter from Mr. Gross to-day and he spoke so nicely about your going to the front, although he says "It is hard to think of Arthur as being a soldier". His little boy "Teddy" is a "Cadet" now and was out in camp last summer. Mr. G. is a Rural Dean now as well as Rector of Mooseiniee[?].

You were talking of getting up soon. I hope they won't let you get about too quick or send you back to your quarters too soon for it is so easy to take cold after pneumonia. If there is anything you want that I can get for you please let me know. We got the money alright from the Northern Crown bank, thanks to Mr. Rogers. Uncle Harry sent an interesting little parcel of Xmas presents but we are keeping them until Xmas day. Well dear boy I want to write a few lines to Nurse Carter and it is getting very late so I must close. Oh I forgot to mention that Daddy was delighted with the $5.00. I think it was the most welcome Xmas gift you could have given him. You must not rob yourself however my dear. Daddy started off for Trail this morning and took Harry & Joe with him for a treat, but they missed their train so they are going to-morrow. They feel quite rich as Alf has given them 25¢ each to spend.

Lance went to Rossland last night to spend Xmas. Well I really must close or I shant get my other letter written so good bye dear. God bless you, we all send best-love and hope you will have a Happy Christmas. I expect you will have got your parcel by now, and I hope you will like the contents.

Once more God bless you my boy with lots of love your

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