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Date: December 20th 1914

Castlegar, B.C.
Dec 20th 1914

Dear Son

I am writing you a few lines. MamMa is going to write some to. I hope you are progressing well, it is to bad you had to go to the Hospital but better to have done with it in the start and I do hope you will be all right after it. Great excitement when Englands shores were shelled, it will strengthen the recruiting.

May and Auntie were at Nelson yesterday and brought home things for the Xmas tree. I will have to take your place this year at the tree and putting the tree up. We will miss you this Xmas but I suppose such things must be.

You would not go on as Bugler I hear. General Otter started as Bugler in the Queens Own. However I hope you will get along well and come back safe. The Veterans sent some presents to you all. I see by your letters that you are having a good time in the Hospital; all the friends are sorry to hear of your having to go in. After supper Mr. Kennedy has been here and May & Annie has just driven him down to the train.

We have had 2 weeks of cold weather 26° of frost is the coldest we have had and 12° to 20° at times we have not much snow and our flume has froze up and have given us quite a lot of trouble. I cut a channel in the ice in flume and filled the tank on friday so it will last a few days. I have drawn all the hay up and I sent the team and Oxen up to the Ranch so as to save the hay.

Mrs. Appleton fell down the cellar yesterday and escaped with a severe shake up and no bones broken. Deschamps has his mill running at Kinnaird with about 40 men all together in the camp.

It will keep you busy writing to answer all your letters. I must close now, with lots of love and well wishes for your wellfare and all the complements of the season.

I remain your loving father,
Capt. J.A. Killough
Castlegar, B.C.

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