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Date: December 6th 1914

Castlegar, B.C.

Dear Arthur:-

I hope you like your new quarters, it must seem strange to live with so many grown-up men and in a strange place, after having so many children round all the time, but I expect you are getting used to in now. How is the grub these days?

There is nothing doing up here there days, we having nothing but the program at the Christmas concert, the people think that times are too hard to waste money on Christmas presents for the kids etc.

The youngsters were all singing to-night and Harry is cultivating such a voice! One would almost think it was you. We always sing that hymn "Holy Father in Thy Mercy" on Sundays now, it is a hymn for absent friends.

We have been using the cutter since Tuesday. There is about six-inches of snow.

Dad was in Nelson for two days last week.

Jack Cleeton was married to a Rossland girl last Monday, and Miss Villars, or Mrs. DuMonts sister if you don't recognize the name, was married on Tuesday.

Jack and his wife were down at Appleton's for two days and came up to see us.

Dad has finished the Veranda floor and the cellar doors, but I don't think the rest will be done for some time, perhaps next fall.

May had tea down at Lawrie's last Saturday, she had tea at Bertrams on Tuesday. In both cases, Percy brought her home on the speeder, but on Tuesday night it snowed so hard that the speeder wouldn't run. May stayed at Lawrie's and came home Wednesday morning.

Christmas will seem very funny without you this year, we certainly wish you were going to be here.

We heard from Marjorie last week, she seems to think it is alright.

Well Art my stock of news is exhausted so I will have to stop.

I expect you are always glad to "Pound your ear" these days, not having anything to do after a certain time. You must write and tell us all about what you do everyday.

Well "Good Bye," for this time with
Lots of love from

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