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Date: November 22nd 1914

Castlegar B.C.
Nov 22nd 1914

My darling son,

How glad we were to get your last long letter written at Quebec. It seems so long since the cards from Victoria. Have you got any letters from us yet, we wrote two budgets when you were in the west. Oh boy we miss you! And tiny sister still calls "Artie" first thing in the morning if she hears a movement upstairs. I am so glad dear boy that you have been pretty comfortable and happy so far, of course I don't suppose it will always be so. There are bound to be many hardships before you but God grant you many win out and come home again well and strong and happy, when your work over there is done. I pray for you daily dear boy, don't forget to pray for yourself.

I am sorry so many of your fellow soldiers are given to drinking. It is strange how often you find this the case among a lot of men when they get together. I think you have seen enough of that sort of thing to set you against it and am trusting you implicitly. You may find it hard at first but once the men understand thoroughly that you are not going to drink and will not be persuaded to it they will leave off trying to tempt you and will come to respect you for it in time. God bless and keep you my son.

Daddy finds it a great help to have Alf back as of course he milks, churns, feeds pigs etc. McDuff is still here but he cuts wood most of the time. The verandah is still as you left it, but Dad hopes to work at it after he finishes Glaser's pipes.

Daddy wants to know if Mr. Chatterton is still with you. Oh by the way, what did you do with the rubber of the gasoline lamp pump, we have the gasoline now and we spent best part of one afternoon trying to fix it up but could not use the pump. Gwen has just been reading her letter out loud to me and I see you will not lack something to laugh at so long as she writes to you.

We heard from Jack a few says ago and we have been writing him a sort of family letter to cheer him in his loneliness.

Do you remember that ad., for a bill folder you got from Mr. White's in trail? May found it and sent it away and the little bill folder is really very nice, we are sending it on for you, also a letter from Walter.

Well dearest, I must close now as it is bed time. We all join in much love to you dear and only wish you were here to have the love in person. Auntie is reading an Irish story our loud while I write so good bye.

God bless you.
Your loving Mother
L.E. Killough

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