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Date: February 1915

[Front Cover:]

From Halifax
Feb. 24th 1915

[Diary Entries:]
Diary of my voyage to Europe            WEDNESDAY
2nd Day out of Halifax
On Board R.M.S. "Missanabie"
Wed. Feb. 24th, 1915

We are enjoying very fair weather so far, and the sea is calm. My breakfast & I did not aggree this a.m.: and it left me in a hurry. The great part of it, I quickly deposited on the floor of the corridor. Well, I also had a relapse after dinner. I am getting used to relapsing now. There's one thing about me, though, and that is that it is all over and done with in a hurry, and I feel as well as ever. Tea stayed with me, which is one consolation. Am back in the Orderly Room now.

Diary of my voyage to Europe            THURSDAY
3rd Day out of Halifax
On Board R.M.S. "Missanabie"
Thur. Feb. 25th, 1915

We sighted a steamer Westward bound to-day. Our course is directing us South East towards Africa now. Our ultimate destination is very uncertain. We are 4 Battalions strong, about 4000 men, divided between three steamers, the Missanabie, the Megantic & the Aderland, with the Cruiser Essex as consort. Part of the 30th from Victoria are on our boat, but who the other two Battalions are, I don't know. I know many of the 30th, as they are Kootenay men, who we left at Victoria. I lost supper to-night.

Diary of my voyage to Europe            FRIDAY
4th Day out of Halifax
R.M.S. Missanabie
Feb. 26th, 1915

Well I feel fine and dandy this morning. I think that I will pull through without relapsing any more. We had boat drill in the forenoon. Have everything down pat in case of an emergency. Sargent McNaught of D. Coy was sick and wouldn't come up to the boat drill, which everyone sick or well was compelled to attend. He was reduced to the ranks. The old "Aderland" was sailing close on our port side to-day with the "Megantic" following close. Sighted a steamer Westward bound in the afternoon. Saw the back of what we took to be a whale.

Diary of my voyage to Europe            SATURDAY
5th Day out of Halifax
On Board R.M.S. Missanabie
Feb. 27th, 1915

Our course is now directing as straight to England. Of course, we have plenty of time to switch off yet. We have certainly enjoyed good weather. We are lucky to have the good quarters that we are occupying, but it is far from pleasant to be travelling the way in which we are. Fruit is only to be obtained for the officers. I fell in for physical drill this morning, to get a little exercise. Sitting in this orderly room is not good for me. The close air gives one a headache. We shall one & all be glad to land.

Diary of my voyage to Europe            SUNDAY
6th Day out of Halifax
On Board R.M.S. "Missanabie"
Sun. Feb. 28th, 1915

I feel fine & dandy now, but I can't see yet, where the source of enjoyment on an ocean voyage is. Just about now, I would like to b viewing the bush & mountains of B.C. One more ocean voyage will sufficient for me, and that will be the return trip to Canada.

I was vaccinated today, for the first time in my life. The weather is getting a little rougher, and the roll of the old ship a little more pronounced. We are over half way across now.

Diary of my voyage to Europe            MONDAY
7 Day out of Halifax
On Board, "R.M.S. Missanabie"
March 1st, 1915

The day dawns very foggy. The stewards have stood by the bulkhead doors for most of the night. You see we carry no lights, so a collision could occur between our vessels very easily. We are towing a barrel at the end of a half mile of cable, for a marker to guide the following ships. It is rumored that the Aderland has lost her steering post, and is using emergency steering hear. She has blown out on boiler, so can't make very fast time, and is holding us back. We are making an average of 27 miles per day.

Diary of my voyage to Europe            TUESDAY
8th Day out of Halifax
On Board "R.M.S. Missanabie."
March 2nd, 1915

Pte. A.J.A. Killough
No. 63505, Platoon 13.
D.Coy. 23rd Prov. Battalion.
2nd C.O.E. Force.

Our voyage is now drawing to a close. We are nearing England. Have heard a rumor that we shall land at Tidworth, near Colchester. That is where the drafts of the Princess Pats are training. I think there are more battle ships closing in on us now. We should sight land to-morrow. We have been sailing seven days up till noon to-day. Have been on board eleven days, as we embarked on Sat. night, Feb 20. Sailed Tues. Feb 23. Had some good boxing bouts this afternoon, but you couldn't get near for the crowd.

[Back Cover:]
Property of
Pte. A.J.A. Killough.
No 63506, D. Coy,
Platoon 13
23rd Prov. Battalion
2nd C.O.E. Force

On Board
R.M.S. "Missanabie"
Wed. Feb. 24th 1915
From Halifax

To Capt. J.A. Killough
Merriefield Ranch

[back cover text by manufacturer:] When in London please register
your name in the Visitors' Book
at the Canadian Pacific Office,
62-65 Charing Cross, S.W. 

[Note: The inside of the front and back diary covers can be seen below in the original scans as the "Marconigrams" page.]

Original Scans

Original Scans