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Date: July 7th 1918

July 7, 1918

Dear Lilian:

This should have been written a week ago but I'm very lazy and there isn't much to say anyway.

I haven't joined the battalion yet and haven't had any word of going up. I've been here two weeks now and haven't done a real days work yet.

Nearly every after noon I go down to the beach for a swim and loaf around on the sand. The salt water is great and the beach is just like the one at home, but the water doesn't taste as good.

Last week I wrote Clare Gass to find out where she was. I knew that she had been up the line at a casualty clearing station but I didnt know which one, I addressed it to the hospital. Friday night I had a note saying that she was back at the hospital and was coming down here for the day. So I went to the station and saw her a few minutes before the train left. I hadn't seen her for about eighteen months.

I suppose any mail that has come over for me has gone up to the bn as I havent received any since I left Bramshott. I should get a pile of it one of these days. I expect you will be back in Hfx when this gets over so I'll send it there.

If you have any magazines around please send one occasionally, but don't send them with continued stories.

Charlie Scott and the other fellows have left Bexhill by now and should be here in Bramshott. Kingston and Glady McD will be through there soon.

Who was the dentist (Dr. McDonald) that was lost in the hospital ship, was he a brother of Doctor Huntly Mcd.?

Sir R. Borden paid us a visit last week and made the usual speech.

This is all until some news accumulates which will be soon.



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