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Date: April 28th 1917


Dear Ina:-

Your letter rec’d yesterday (of Mch. 22nd), and as I had just came from my first real infantry tour in the trenches with my own battalion and had just come out, I was glad to hear from you. You must understand that while I was with the tunnellers and before the big advance by the Canadians I was having a very easy time comparatively.

I think I told you about rejoining my regiment when they came out for rest. Well on 24th inst. we came into the line but about two miles in advance of where I and all the Canadians had been before the advance, so that we went into now and strange country where the trenches had not been long established and in fact had not been completed. My company was put in support trenches but rather unfortunately I was the only officer on duty in my company, in fact I was in command of the company, when usually there are four platoon commanders, one company commander and one second in command in each company, six in all, so I had long hours. I did not seem to mind the work and stood the shelling quite well, and only hope I continue to do so.

We are now in reserves some little distance back of the line and will be here for a little while and then go in again. We had lovely weather while in, dry and not cold, and since we came out, yesterday and to-day, the weather has been beautiful. Will write soon before we go into the line again. Am enclosing a check for £4.0.0 as it takes them so long to get there. Got Isabel's card. Will answer it.

Love to all.

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