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Date: February 6th 1917


Dear Mother:-

Since I have had my new job I think I have not written as regularly as before. Formerly I made an effort to write at least after each tour, i.e. once every eight days, but now since the larger part of my days are occupied in the same way each day, the days slip by without noticing the flight of time.

We had a few days of cool weather, bright and sunny days, and the roads, in which I am very much interested, began to get quite dry, but yesterday we had a snow storm, and about four or five inches of snow made the roads muddy again, and the weather has been cold again, but no doubt two or three weeks will see the sun strong again and the weather bright and warm. The roads have been cut up in some places by the motor lorries. The frost had not come out of the roads quite enough when the lorries were allowed, and being very heavy they sank into them and cut them up some.

I usually leave here immediately after lunch and get back any time about dark, sometimes I go on the motor transport and sometimes on the cycle.

Please excuse this short letter. Will write longer one soon.

With love to all.
Yours afftly,

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