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Date: November 12th 1916

159th Battalion, C.E.F.
Seaford, Eng. (Sussex)
Nov. 12/16.

Dear Mother:-

As you see we are now at Seaford on the South Coast, about half way between Hastings and Brighton. We first saw land, the S.E. coast of Ireland early Friday morning, and you may know how relieved we felt. As the weather was what I considered rough with two severe storms, and of course the danger from submarines was a constant care and subject of conversation. Later in the day the sun came out and we saw the West coast of Ireland in all its beauty. We sailed quite close to the shore and the hearts (and stomachs too) of all were glad because we were in smoother water and better sailing. Towards or in the evening we were forced to "heave to" for some time, but in the morning when we arose we found ourselves just at the mouth of the Mersey River, and after some little stay we steamed into Liverpool harbor and docked. We landed about 9.00 and went in two trains through the very heart of England down past Rugby, London to Seaford. I had to look after the baggage and so took the second train. The train of course seemed funny after our big Canadian trains, but they go very fast and we arrived here about 10 P.M. having left Liverpool about 2 P.M. The country was beautiful and the day exceptional for English weather. Everywhere the people showed the greatest enthusiasm especially what appeared to be the lower classes. We felt that we were in the war zone tho. by the fact that strict regulations are in force re keeping the whole country in darkness after night, and when sun set we had to pull down all the blinds in the train except when we were in stations, and all houses had blinds drawn and street lamps painted dark green on top to keep from showing.

To-day we did little but get settled. I took a little walk and saw the chalk cliffs for the first time on the South coast. The weather is mild. I saw daisies and other flowers in bloom but very misty. Understand one officer walked over one of the cliffs and was found dead the next day, supposedly having walked over in a mist.

Yours afftly,

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