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Date: October 31st 1916

Oct 31/1916.

Dear Mother:-

I sent you a card yesterday written on route train. We are now on board boat safely, but are not allowed to say where we sail from, by what boat or when. I was very sorry that I did not have a chance to say good bye to you but was glad to know that you were able to be out to the train anyway. I only am sorry that the telegram did not give you a more definite idea, or rather more correct idea of the time we were to arrive, and that you had to wait so long at the station. There are three of us in a state room and the boat evidently a first class passenger boat has been made into a troop ship, but still very comfortable. We dined on board for the first time to-night and the boat is a nice change from the train, altho’ we were very comfortable on the train both as to accommodation and meals. We passed many French towns on Sunday and found quite a contrast there to the reception we got in other places. We got out of the train at several places and had short route marches which the men enjoyed very much, and they had great fun with the natives along the route. I am waiting for my luggage now so that I may have a change of raiment and a good sleep. After we arrive I will tell you all about the trip.

with love to all.

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