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Date: March 24th 1917
E B Nash

Witley 24/3/17

Dear Alma- I wrote to mother yesterday and am writing to you tonight I got five letters at once. I havent got any parcel yet but one came for Milf from the society in Gorrie.

I got a letter from Rollie a few days ago written on the 9th of March. He had just came out of the trenches. One of the fellows that went over with him, Sergt. “Doc.” Eddie Help of Wingham was killed on the 12th. He was an awfully nice fellow.

Well I am thru with machine guns and gas now and I don’t know what I will do next. I went thru a trench filled with gas this morning and we went into a room with a little weeping gas I certainly makes your eyes smart.

Well this will have to be a short letter as there is a good concert tonight. J.P. O’Conner is to speak here tomorrow so you see we have a good time sometimes and tomorrow is pay day. They pay us on Sunday to save time Well I guess this will have to do for this time- You neednt bother sending me the Family Herald as the news is so old and I havent much time for reading anyway.

Your brother
654132 E B Nash