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Date: May 13th 1917
B Nash

Witley May 13th

Dear sister- I received your welcome letter of April 12th two or three days ago and put of writing until now. We are very busy now. We are having our field training now. We have to fall in at seven in the morning (six by your time) but it nice work. I got the money all right. I got the notice on the eleventh and  drew the money yesterday. I was at Guildford last night and didnt get home until late.

We had the whole brigade on church parade together there was a lot of staff officers there and it was very warm and I almost fell over more than once I was so sleepy.

Well Alma, I havent heard from Rollie but I heard all the fellows that went with him are well so I guess he is.

We have no idea when we will go to France and tell Bus Buster to cheer up we’ll hunt rabbits together yet give my love to all the folks

B Nash