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Date: January 27th 1917
E B Nash

Witley Jan 27th/17

Dear Mother- I received your very welcome letter today and was very glad to get it.

I am back at the Bn now. I was brought back last night. I don’t know whether I will be going back to the C A S C or not. Rollie might be down today but he isn’t here yet anyway. I would have gone up today but I am on picquet tonight. We are all well here. It is too bad about Lorne Walker [?]. There are no young men hardly in Eng that are not wearing discharge buttons. The girls are doing nearly all the work even street-cleaners. Battalions of them are recruited and taken to France

Well mother of course we know nothing about when we will be going over but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was soon now

Everything is very dear here.  The people can hardly get meat of any kind. We are not allowed enough coal to have a fire in the day time but the weather has been very good today is a warm sunny day quite different to last year. We will be in this camp for a year in a few days now. I bought a pen for six pence in London the other day and it writes all right only I have to shake it every once in a while. Well mother I think this will do for this time as there is nothing of any importance to write about. Remember me to all the people. Your loving son

E. B. Nash

P.S. Some of you are writing Batt. for Battalion. That is an abbreviation for Battery. The proper thing is Bn.