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Date: January 23rd 1918
E B Nash

Witley Jan 23rd/18

Dear Dad- Just a few lines tonight as it is getting late. I have just been up at the theatre and they certainly put up a good show for the money- 1S. They have a regular circuit among the camps. I understand that some of the actors that are liable for Military service have to devote a certain amount of their time to it. I is a fine idea alright.

Well I had a good time in my leave all right. I stayed in London all the time. I put in for a pass to [?] and wrote to Mrs. Fields and she wrote and said she was very poorly and I couldn’t go. So I just went up to the big smoke. If I had known I would have got my warrant for the north end of Scotland and then I could have gone anywhere I could liked as we travel free on a pass like that.

Every thing almost has gone up in price. If you ever come up to England while this war is on you should bring your sugar butter meat and matches with you as they are very hard to get here. I bought a fountain pen up there for six pence from someone selling them on the street and it seems to write all right.

Milf said that Rollie was down last Sunday and had a talk with Capt. Vanstone and he is going to try and transfer him down here. Rollie is going into the reserves he cant get a transfer from the C.C.P. Well dad I can’t think of anything to write about so I guess I will quit for tonight so goodbye. Give my love to all your son

E. B. Nash

I think I will get my mail sent to No 3 co. 5th Div train C.A.S.C.