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Date: January 10th 1917
E B Nash

Witley Jan 10th/17

Dear sister- Received your very welcome letter of Nov. 18 a few days ago and must try and answer it although there isn’t much to write about I am still at the C.A.S.C. and like it fine. Milf is going to Scotland tomorrow and I have a pass for six days next Thursday and expect to get away then if we dont have a mobilization or something in the meantime. I havent seen Rollie since last New Year’s day but will try and see him this week.

Well Rose we are all doing well and getting enough to eat. But the civilians are short enough they can hardly get Margarine tea or sugar and meat is very scarce now.

You speak about Rollies nerves. Well they don’t appear to hurt him any unless they make him lazy. I don’t think he does any work at all. Isn’t it queer that we stay here so long. They say the motto of the 5th Div is “England forever.” However I guess we will leave some time and I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t long now

Well Rose I don’t know of anything to write about so I guess I will close for this time so good-bye for the present Your loving brother

E B Nash